Best Practice

We here at Spray and Wash Solutions, pride ourselves on knowing best practice and following best practice, in both pressure washing and occupational safety and health processes and sustainability Although Australasia does not have a Pressure Washing Association, we choose to align ourselves with the Power Washers of North America. In utilising the PWNA’s best practice recommendations and techniques, we pride ourselves, as our company motto says, in ‘doing it right’ every time.

Occupational Health and Safety

We are aware of both our responsibilities and our client’s responsibilities under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2016. Your responsibilities are simple but important to execute. An OSH “Risk identification and mitigation plan” will be provided to you upon acceptance of our quote. We are compliant with the guidelines as outlined by the Department of Labour https://www


We have developed our processes to ensure we are mindful of our impact on the environment our people and community in which we work in. We have procedures that are in keeping with the ARC waste waster disposal and run off regulations and at all times seek to minimise water and chemical use. Our operators are trained in safety procedures and operate to the Department of Labour guidelines as well as best practice to ensure efficiency in operating equipment. We develop an operational plan for all major work and consider all aspects of our impact and associated risks to our people or the community. A copy of our procedures manual is available on request.

Public Liability Insurance

As a professional contractor, we hold Public Liability Insurance for your protection. For annual contracts, we will ensure you are provided with a copy of our insurance policy with your project amended to the policy before project commencement.

Operational Planning

Traffic Management Plan

• Application for use council roadways if needed
• Plan if any constraint on community traffic
• When utilising community road and car park areas cones always used
• Contractor will make occupants aware that unit car parks may be used

Occupant Communication Plan

• The Body Corporate or Property Manager is responsible for sending out notfication advising occupants of works period and where their assistance is required.
• Spray and Wash Solutions sales staff will canvas community before commencement of project, introducing company, and providing contact details to occupants, We find this ensures the project runs smoother, and often gives occupants a greater peace of mind.
• The day before work is executed upon any given unit, a notice will be placed on the front doors of each unit, advising occupant of what work will be executed on their unit the following day, and that any delicate items should be moved inside ready for this, windows closed, etc.


Our work is loud and wet, so it’s important that we minimise disturbance your property owner /occupiers and tenants as little as possible. We recommend that we only execute the scope of works between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm, week days. However, weekend scheduling is an option.

Roof / Gutter Maintenance Report

As per specifications a roofing and gutter maintenance issue report will be delivered to the principal no later than 7 days after completion of works

Before and After Photos

As part of our service we take photos as part of our quotation proposal and building assessment report and to assess workmanship.

Legislative Compliance

Your Responsibilities Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2016

We are aware of your responsibilities as a Property Owner, Manager or Body Corporate for contractor OSH compliance, under the 2016 Act.

Spray and Wash Solutions will provide an ‘OSH risk identification and mitigation plan’ for the scope of work you have engaged us in. In reading this and ensuring it covers any risks YOU can reasonably think of, you will have been considered to have met your obligation under the Act.

Directors are Certified

NZQA – 17593.4
NZQA – 17602.4
NZQA – 497.8

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