What does the House wash include?
The standard quoted house wash includes the entire exterior of the house – from the exterior of the gutters, the soffits (downward-facing surfaces), all of the siding, the exposed foundation. Extras, which of course can be added, include decks, fencing, roofs, shed, patio, walkways, pool decks, interior of gutters, etc.
Do we clean gutters?
Yes we do, But if you are wanting the gutters cleaned out this is an extra cost depending on how big the area is.
Do we spray moss and mould of paths and driveways?
Yes we do and we quote on the size of the area.
Do we come to your property to quote?
We normally look up the property and can visual from there, Add the area of the property and give you a price from there.
Does anyone need to be home when you come to wash our house?
You do not need to be home when our professionals come to wash your home! All you need to do is to keep ALL OF YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS SECURELY CLOSED.
How long will the Service take?
Obviously, the size of the house and the specific scope of what we’re doing determines the time it takes… but generally, houses can be washed in 1-3 Hours.
How often should we get our house washed?
As often as YOU think it needs it. It’s a matter of preference and, of course, how dirty your house gets. People wash their windows and cars with varied frequencies. So while the typical house may go 2 or 3 years between washings, some of our customers do wash annually.
Are the chemicals you use safe for plants and animals?
Our Spik and span Envirowash is safe for animals and plants but we avoid any
direct contact and not to be used around fish.

After 4 hours it is safe for pets to come into contact with our Moss and mould treatment.

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