Commercial Window Cleaning

Ultra-Pure Water Window Cleaning

Spray and Wash Solutions will take care of all your Commercial Window cleaning needs. Offices, retail shop fronts, exterior, interior, perfect cleaning every time. You will no doubt be satisfied with how spotless your windows will look. We not only clean your windows but will also leave your window frames crystal clean.  We can organise a regularly programmed wash so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your building will always be looking at its best all year round and achieved cost effectively.

Our window cleaners utilise a water fed pole system for most work at heights. This system is essential they are made out of aluminium, carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is the most common because they are light weight and can get up to heights of up to 80 feet. that’s eight stories!!. Basically it is a long telescopic pole with a hose that runs on the inside right up to to a brush connection where the water feeds out of the brush so that you can scrub the window and rinse it off at the same time. When combined with a pure water system such as deionization or reverse osmosis you get an amazing clean with the water fed pole.

We use high-quality window cleaning tools combined with years of experience.

Save Time. Save Money.

Save Yourself!

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